IOBOX-CAN with support for tachograph’s D8 interface

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We are constantly making improvements and further developments to our products, thus helping our customers to deliver successful solutions for their projects.

FALCOM has now enhanced the functionality of IOBOX-CAN with a D8 interface, to connect to the D8 tachograph port for reading tachograph real time data and sending the data with a FOX3 device to the server. IOBOX-CAN supports the major suppliers of digital tachographs: VDO and Stoneridge.

IOBOX-CAN, with support of D8 tachograph interface, is available from now on. You just need to order the regular IOBOX-CAN.
Remote download of DDD files (driver and vehicle file) is NOT supported.

To read digital tachograph data, the following hardware is needed:

  • A compatible digital tachograph
  • IOBOX-CAN accessory device
  • FOX3 series device with firmware 2.15.0 or higher
  • FOX3-3G/4G series device with firmware 3.1.0 or higher (planed for October 2017)
  • Connection cable to interface the tachograph with IOBOX-CAN (CA38)
  • Installation and power supply cable for FOX3 series device (CA68)

With this accessory product, we are able to provide our customers with a smarter way to read and evaluate digital tachograph data for managing their fleet effectively and economically. Reading and sending of tachograph data can be done automatically in a predefined interval and/or remotely by PFAL commands from the server side.

The main features and benefits of tachograph data are:

  • Automatic identification of vehicles and drivers
  • Evaluation of driving behaviour and safety
  • Monitoring of driving times and rest periods

In addition to the D8 interface, the IOBOX-CAN device offers several flexible features such as CAN-Bus interface and additional inputs and outputs for almost every application within the automobile industry.

The following related documents are available for download:

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